For team players looking for a world-class job in a world-class team.

The ideal mixture

Ever dreamed of being able to live different lives? At secjur, it’s a reality: you come as a lawyer and become a techie, consultant and strategist in no time at all. ‘Learning by solving’ is the motto. Everything you need to know to solve our customers’ problems will be taught to you in a practical way.

Fair division of labour

Being able to offer something new every day is even nicer than learning something new every day. This is the enviable position that you occupy in the eyes of our grateful customers. This is because our automated software solutions take care of the routine tasks, while the exciting and creative challenges are yours to tackle.

Taking a break really DOES matter

One of the benefits of a top job is a good work-life balance. We fully accept your need for leisure and recreation here at secjur. Our working hours are based on trust, and the vacation arrangements are generous. We also do a lot of things together in our private lives – from going on trips together to personal training, we have it all covered.

What we offer

VSOP (Virtual Stock Option Plan)

After the probationary period, 20% of the company shares are divided equally among employees over a period of 10 years, which is a special way for you to take part in the company’s success.

Office events

Each office hosts a celebration over several days once a year, which is attended by the teams from the other offices. The exact location, theme and schedule are a surprise.

Working from home

It goes without saying that our team offers flexible home working and mobile working options.

Company bike hire

Staff can use high-quality bicycles or e-bikes for their commute to work, and for private use too, for just a few euros a month.

Monthly Amazon voucher

Each employee is given an Amazon voucher each month to use as they wish.

Cutting-edge work equipment

Every employee receives a personal iPhone and a new laptop on their first day at the company.

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