Some people keep a Bible under their pillow – we have a copy of the GDPR.

Data protection is as versatile as it is complex. Put simply, our services are divided into three areas: Comprehensive consulting on all data protection topics, the appointment of an external data protection officer, and training for your internal data protection officer and your other employees.

How does data protection benefit me as an entrepreneur?

As exciting as we personally find data protection, we know as pragmatists that it will not cause most CEOs to go into raptures. They tend to see it as a necessary evil that causes additional work and brings them little benefit. In our view, this is understandable, but a bit short-sighted.

After all, it also offers a surprising opportunity: to score points as a company in the imaginary currency of compliance, to stand out positively from the competition, and to build a genuine basis of trust with customers and employees. We want to support you in this with full commitment – and make you a role model in your industry.


Quick check: Do I need an external data protection officer?

  • I would like to have a contact person who understands the issue of compliance in its entirety.
  • My organisation is complex enough even without an internal DPO.
  • The most capable candidates for the position of internal DPO would have conflicts of interest.
  • I want to avoid conflicts with the works council.
  • I would prefer to have a contact person who I do not have to train first.
  • If I provide the internal DPO with continuous training, this could lead to jealousy among other staff members.
  • I don’t really have any desire to deal with the issue of data protection.
  • It is simply refreshing to discover a different perspective.
  • Given the size of the fines, I am reluctant to engage in internal experiments.

You will hardly notice our presence, but the results will be obvious.

With secjur’s external data insiders, you can play it safe without having to change your usual operating procedures. We improve, plan and organise in the background. Our interventions offer maximum results with minimal intrusion: you will no longer need to worry and will have more time for your core business again.

By automating repetitive tasks, our highly qualified employees can personally take care of the more demanding tasks. This might include complex contract negotiations, for example, or developing a customised strategy for your company, helping to shape innovations on your roadmap at an early stage or long-term forward planning for the future.




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