We seal up security vulnerabilities before they even appear.

IT security and data protection go hand in hand because, after all, what good is handling information in the most conscientious way possible if digital criminals can help themselves to your IT system? Thanks to our constantly evolving security solutions, you are always one decisive step ahead of the enemy.

Raised in the digital world – the advantage of a young team

We are not just surfing the wave of digital transformation, but we are helping to shape it ourselves. We do this by developing our own software in preference to standardized solutions for optimal usability, smart and streamlined processes and greater transparency for you.

This allows us to provide our clients with the exact tool that is tailored to their specific needs. And since these change constantly as technology advances, we always keep our finger on the pulse by continuously updating our knowledge and software. After all, the dangers found in cyberspace are becoming more complex every day.


How our IT security solution works

In order to get the job done, we become a temporary part of your company. In our role as external experts, secjur acts as the link between company management, IT management and the users. After carefully analysing the current situation, we develop the appropriate strategies, mechanisms and technological solutions. These are then put into practice by you, the management.

Once the acute problem has been solved, we look at long-term measures to prevent future IT risks for your company. We will be happy to provide you with an external IT security officer (ITSiBe/CISO) who will guide you through all the relevant subsequent steps. This prevents security flaws from occurring in the first place in the future.




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Masterplan is our partner in more ways than one. We offer advice as an external DPO and as an IT security consultant.

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