A data protection strategy adapted to the specific infrastructure and education laws of the respective federal state

Data protection and information security on a unified platform. With secjur’s automation capabilities, you save yourself and your teams hundreds of hours of work on the way to GDPR or ISO27001 compliance

Samsung Neues Lernen is a solution package for the digital classroom.

High-quality digital teaching and learning materials, specially selected hardware, strong security and a dedicated service provide a solid foundation for digital education and flexible teaching.

Data avoidance and data economy are key pillars in the field of data protection. The underlying idea is to process only as much personal data as is absolutely necessary for the particular purpose. In this endeavour, we supported Samsung Neues Lernen from the very beginning as part of the “privacy by design” approach and created a comprehensive admin manual with recommended settings for the various possible uses in accordance with the “privacy by design” principle. We also provide Samsung Neues Lernen users with sample documents to ensure compliance with data protection obligations.