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Full GDPR compliance and data protection expertise for your company – minus the hassle. With an external data protection officer from secjur.

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Your data protection officer is responsible for ensuring that you comply with data protection laws, especially those of the GDPR. Important tasks include for example

monitoring compliance with regard to the applicable regulations,

advising you on how to comply with them

and assisting with data protection impact assessments and data subject access requests.

With us, you get this in a cost-saving and efficient way with partially automated software support.

Quick check: Do I need an external data protection officer?

I would like to have a contact person who understands the issue of compliance in its entirety.

My organisation is complex enough even without an internal DPO.

The most capable candidates for the position of internal DPO would have conflicts of interest.

I want to avoid conflicts with the works council.

I would prefer to have a contact person who I do not have to train first.

If I provide the internal DPO with continuous training, this could lead to jealousy among other staff members.

I don’t really have any desire to deal with the issue of data protection.

It is simply refreshing to discover a different perspective.

Given the size of the fines, I am reluctant to engage in internal experiments.

The best data protection officers with years of experience

Our experts are distinguished by years of experience and therefore know where special caution is required to avert risks from your company. At the same time, they can therefore also assess where there is pragmatic scope for decision-making. In this way, you always get the best possible solution for your company.

The secjur platform solves your data protection problems in real time while being as secure as Fort Knox

With our data protection software solution, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands. We offer a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution that helps you process your business data in a secure and compliant manner. Our data protection software solution is designed to automate and extremely simplify the data protection compliance process.

GDPR on Autopilot – with the secjur data protection platform
“With secjur, we found exactly what we were looking for in the area of data protection: a “data protection-as-a-service package” that is ideally suited to our needs and meets our requirements in every respect through the combination of a team of experts with the online platform Digital Compliance Office.”
Nina Miller, Global Compliance Officer EMEA / APAC, Yunex GmbH



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