kitchX offers privacy-compliant design innovation with SECJUR

kitchX uses SECJUR's Digital Compliance Office (DCO) to improve its data privacy compliance in a resource-efficient way


kitchX is an emerging startup in the kitchen planning space that offers its customers a convenient and time-saving user experience. Specializing in kitchen planning via messenger and video chats, the company strives to provide its customers with a stress-free solution to their renovation needs. With a dedicated team, kitchX aims to combine innovative technology and world-class customer service to provide its customers with a smooth and customized renovation experience.


As a company that communicates via messenger and video chat, kitchX faced the challenge of ensuring its clients' privacy compliance. Given the potentially sensitive nature of the information shared during the kitchen design process, it was critical that kitchX take appropriate steps to ensure the privacy and protection of its customers' personal information. The company needed a solution that would allow it to effectively implement data privacy compliance without taking up too many resources as they were tied up in expanding and scaling the business.

Protecting our customers' privacy is a top priority for us. SECJUR's Digital Compliance Office has helped us to effectively strengthen our privacy compliance without spending a lot of manpower. We are impressed by the user-friendly nature of the DCO and especially by the automated work products.
Marco Dassisti
Founder and Managing Director of kitchX


To strengthen data protection compliance and meet the requirements, kitchX chose SECJUR's Digital Compliance Office (DCO). The DCO offered an ideal solution to meet the data protection requirements and to protect the privacy of the customers without having a large implementation effort. In particular, the automated creation of the VVT (Directory of Processing Activities) based on an API connection to common software tools, proved to be an enormous time-saver for kitchX.


By using the DCO, kitchX can improve data protection compliance and ensure a high level of security for customer communications without having to divert resources from its core business.