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With the secjur Digital Compliance Office

Integrate ISO 27001, TISAX, SOC 2 or GDPR on our automation platform and save your company hundreds of hours worth of effort.

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How we support businesses

Data Protection

Consultants get paid by the hour and those who get paid by the hour take their time. We automate all activities of a data protection officer and can therefore offer you the data protection flat rate.

Information Security

Whether you are aiming at a ISO27001 certification or not, setting up an information security management system (ISMS) makes sense for your business. But unfortunately it is still sinfully expensive. Not with us. Because with our platform-based ISMS you save up to 80% of the costs compared to a conventional consulting service.


The Whistleblower Protection Act requires all companies with more than 49 employees to set up an internal whistleblower system. With secjur, implementation is as easy as pie. 24/7 anonymous accessibility - via web or phone. Leave case management to us.

User-friendly platform – also for non experts

We have built a tool that is explicitly inclusive of non-expert users. For smaller companies, it can help you avoid the need to hire a compliance expert and save costs. Large companies with legal or compliance departments also appreciate the usability of our platform, because even if the compliance experts are knowledgeable, information needs to be provided by the business departments on a regular basis. A self-explanatory interface saves time for reconciliations.

Your compliance processes are still analog? Hire better nerds!

When you think of compliance, do you still think of tight-lipped lawyers in gray suits who bore you with hours of lectures? That doesn’t have to be the case. Our team is made up of top talent from major international law firms and tech companies like Amazon, Google and Co. As digital natives, we think solution-oriented and not problem-oriented.

The Swiss Army knife for your compliance needs.

User friendly – also for non-experts

Instant pain relief

As secure as Fort Knox

About secjur

secjur offers instant relief for necessary but painful compliance requirements, that are aimed at protecting you, your clients and your business from external and internal threat.

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“With secjur, we found exactly what we were looking for in the area of data protection: a “data protection-as-a-service package” that is ideally suited to our needs and meets our requirements in every respect through the combination of a team of experts with the online platform Digital Compliance Office.”
Nina Miller, Global Compliance Officer EMEA / APAC, Yunex GmbH

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Data protection and climate protection combined – we support sustainable mobile banking with Tomorrow


Masterplan is our partner in several respects – we advise as an external DPO and as an Information Security Officer

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