A world where businesses are always compliant, but never have to think about it.


Data protection, information security and compliance make the digital world a better place. However, this can only be achieved if implementation does not become a stumbling block for companies.

SECJUR's automation platform - the Digital Compliance Office - unites all compliance topics under one roof. This makes the implementation of regulatory requirements easy and standards such as GDPR, ISO 27001 or TISAX can be implemented quickly and without much prior experience.

Our Teams

Product & Engineering

At SECJUR, the Product & Engineering team is structured into Development, Artificial Intelligence and our Product Owners. We are taking our Digital Compliance Office to the next level, developing our Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and improving our backend as well as frontend. Our focus is to create a frictionless user experience.

Operations Experts

Our Operations Experts are comprised of Customer Success as well as highly skilled Data Privacy Officers and Information Security Experts. Their primary goal is to ensure a smooth onboarding process for our customers and provide them with an outstanding experience on the road to compliance. We continuously strive to build a long-term and trusted partnership by giving our best every day. At the same time, we are instrumental in the strategic development and improvement of our products to meet customer needs.


Our mission is to build customer relationships and identifying new business opportunities. Our sales team is the first point of contact for our potential customers because we understand their challenges and needs. We are interested in the people behind the company.  Additionally, we are active in partnering. Our Customer Success Team takes care of the satisfaction of our existing customers.

Business Functions

Our Finance, Investor Relations, Project Management & Strategy and Innovation Lab teams are organized in the Business Functions area. We improve SECJUR internally every day - we do this through new projects, improving our processes and driving new innovations. The teams work closely with our founders and team leads, strengthening internal communication and cooperation. Because only together we can create value for SECJUR.


A world where businesses are always compliant, but never have to think about it? Behind the vision is our C-Level: many years of experience in the industry, coupled with determination and integrity, form the basis for the sustainable development of SECJUR and the establishment of the company as a leading provider in the areas of compliance, data protection and information security.

People & Culture

In the People & Culture team, our main task is to build a community of talented, driving and appreciative pioneers. At SECJUR, we have a high talent density that we want to grow and promote. We are available as a point of contact for all employees and ensure that SECJUR's unique corporate culture remains.

Marketing & Growth

Our mission is to make SECJUR more visible and provide informative content about compliance, privacy and information security. At the same time, we identify growth opportunities for SECJUR and promote this through the development and implementation of strategies and tactics.


Our values, which give us strength in HOW we behave on the way to vision and in the fulfillment of our purpose, are...


We are honest, loyal and appreciative.


We are productive and structured.


We are hungry, determined and brave.

Our Journey

From humble beginnings of data protection consulting to a leading SaaS all-in-one compliance automation provider.

Feb 2018

Niklas Hanitsch starts SECJUR in Regensburg, as a data privacy consultancy named Daten hoch 4


Re-branding as SECJUR

Jan 2022

Our Compliance automation platform, The Digital Compliance Office (DCO), goes live (rollout in 22 countries for Yunex, a Siemens carve-out)

Q4 2022

SECJUR receives €5.5 million in a seed funding round from Berlin-based venture capital fund Visionaries Club, with participation from more than 30 business angels including Mario Götze and Nico Rosberg.


Opening of the Regensburg Office


Opening of the new SECJUR headquarters in Hamburg

Q2 2022

Opening of the SECJUR branch offices in Munich and Berlin

Q3 2023

Foundation of the Swiss SECJUR AG and opening of the Bern office

Our 5 Office sites

Franz-Mayer-Str. 1
93053 Regensburg