We love details.
To spare you with it.

We are pragmatic. We are not about creating the biggest circus possible, but about solving your problems.

We are inventive. Innovations don’t come by themselves, you have to bring them about. With this attitude, we take you further.

We are versatile. Our highly qualified people are multidisciplinarily trained and always have the business side in mind.

We are fast. Not only in acting, but also in thinking and learning. This enables us to find new answers in every new situation.

We are discreet. Bragging about our successes is not in our nature, and we feel very comfortable in the background.

Our professions: Lawyers and IT experts. Our greatest hobby: your business.

It is often easier to get a clearer picture of a situation from the outside. However, this only applies if you are really interested in the characteristics of the respective company and its industry. With secjur, you can certainly be sure of that. We are a dedicated team of individualists and enthusiasts who want to learn something new every day. Where else can you find a similar mix of enthusiasm for technology and legal acumen, of process experience and organisational talent, of sound advice and dynamic execution?

“If one is the top dog and the other is the old hand, secjur is the fox in the data forest.”

Jochen Siess
Managing Director – ncite

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