How automotive IT Pioneer XL2 built their ISMS on the fast lane with SECJUR


Founded in early 2020 as a Joint Venture between its parent companies Audi and Capgemini, XL2 is an innovative startup, shaping the digital transformation in the automotive industry. Its multi-disciplinary team of 150 employees develops end-to-end processes and implements tailor-made IT solutions, predominantly for Audi and the Volkswagen group.


Given the complexity of supply chains in the automotive industry, information security is an integral part of compliance programs to protect sensitive data and assets.

Since day one, XL2 has committed to maintaining the highest compliance standards to live up to its designated role as an IT pioneer within Germany’s automotive landscape.

To showcase this commitment and prove its effectiveness, XL2 set out to formalize their ongoing compliance efforts by building an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in December 2021. And being as ambitious as they are -they set themselves a tight deadline – by the middle of the year they wanted to have implemented their ISMS to go through an external audit.

To meet this ambitious deadline, a traditional consulting project would ot have worked. Building an ISMS typically takes eight to twelve months for businesses of XL2’s complexity.

Thanks to SECJUR, we have succeeded in building our ISMS quickly and reliably. We passed two external certification audits and are very thankful for the cooperation.
Sabine Blumthaler
Managing Consultant GRC, XL2


XL2 began searching for the right partner to build their new ISMS quickly and reliably. Judging by automation capabilities and expertise, SECJUR seemed to be the right partner. Given SECJUR’s TÜV- and ISACA-certified experts, XL2 felt confident in their choice.

Auditing for gaps, creating policies and collecting evidence usually takes months. Thanks to SECJUR's smart approach for policy creation, many tasks could be completed in a few weeks, some even in a few days. With SECJUR’s guidance, XL2 was able to navigate the trials preparing for the external audit.


Despite their ambitious timeline, XL2 succeeded in building their ISMS and passed two external audits on time. XL2 will continue to provide reliable and trusted solutions to their automotive customers, while enjoying recognition and trust as industry-leading IT pioneers.