Digital data protection compliance for 5FSoftware's cloud platform


5FSoftware GmbH from Regensburg has developed the 5FCloud platform, an innovative software solution for the digitalization and optimization of work and communication processes for law firms and companies.

With the 5F platform, the company offers a high-performance cloud infrastructure and relies on the highest security and data protection standards for professional secrecy holders, including ISO-certified data centers in Germany and in-house development in Regensburg.

With a focus on security for sensitive data, simplification of work processes, expertise through collaboration with industry experts, personal support and user-centered development, 5FSoftware is recognized for its clear values and high product quality.‍


The particularly sensitive nature of the data exchanged via 5F requires special data protection measures. It was crucial for 5F Software to find a reliable partner that could guarantee compliance with strict data protection standards. Data protection is of the utmost importance to the company and its customers.

With SECJUR, we have a strong partner at our side who advises us on data protection issues, trains the 5F team and supports us in adapting to current legislation.
Tina Karl
Head of Finance & Data Protection Officer


SECJUR specializes in digital compliance to the highest EU standards, and therefore offered the ideal solution. With the Digital Compliance Office (DCO), SECJUR enables 5FSoftware to optimize data protection and information security through intelligent automation. Since June 2022, SECJUR has also been supporting 5FSoftware as an external data protection officer and in all data protection matters.

In close cooperation with 5FSoftware, SECJUR has set up data protection for 5FSoftware with the DCO and supports the company in adapting to current legislation, in particular the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).‍


Security creates trust. Tina Karl, Head of Finance and Data Protection Officer at 5FSoftware, emphasizes the importance of the collaboration:

"The 5F platform offers a highly secure cloud for professional secrecy holders. Data protection is a top priority for us and our customers. With SECJUR, we have a strong partner at our side who advises us on data protection issues, trains the 5F team and supports us in adapting to current legislation."

Anne Krinn, Data Privacy Expert at SECJUR, also emphasizes the importance of the ongoing collaboration:

"The excellent cooperation with 5FSoftware was significantly facilitated by the DCO. Not only in the clear structuring of tasks, but also through the seamless integration into our joint way of working. Together, we are shaping data protection not just as a duty, but as a collaborative responsibility."

By integrating the Digital Compliance Office and intelligent processes, SECJUR ensures ongoing monitoring and implementation of the strict GDPR standards. The security of the server location in Germany and the GDPR compliance of the SECJUR platform offer 5FSoftware and its international customers a high level of security, and the success of this collaboration shows that companies are able to meet not only current but also future data protection requirements through the intelligent use of data protection technologies.