Strong Data Protection Compliance for the Cities of Tomorrow

Changing Cities can rely on SECJUR's DCO and its excellent team of data protection experts for data protection matters - and thus devote itself entirely to its purpose of making our cities more beautiful.


Cities that are accessible, safe and healthy for all. This is the vision of Changing Cities e.V. The Berlin-based association has undertaken the task of initiating a Germany-wide traffic turnaround that will enable all citizens to enjoy a higher quality of urban life. The "Volksentscheid Fahrrad" initiative for good bicycle infrastructure in Berlin later gave rise to the Changing Cities organization. The activities of the numerous members in Berlin and other cities cover various projects: With more than 60 decided neighborhood blocks in Berlin, traffic-calmed neighborhoods are to be experienced, and more projects nationwide will be added in 2024. The #Bundesrad initiative connects cycling decision-makers across Germany who are committed to improving bike lanes at the local level. The association believes that roads should be made safer for children in particular, which is why Changing Cities is calling for car-free areas in front of schools with #100SchoolZones.

Since its founding in 2016, the association has represented more than one million supporters of the bike decisions. This "traffic turnaround from below" has become an opportunity for many citizens to systematically influence cities in Germany in a positive way and to take an active role in shaping our living spaces.‍


For Changing Cities, the responsible handling of data from members and other stakeholders plays an important role. Legislators are also placing high demands on associations in the context of the Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) - maintaining an overview here at all times and keeping constantly up to date alongside association activities is a challenge. For its data protection challenge, Changing Cities was looking for a data protection solution that fits the association: it should be transparent, flexible, and friendly.

Photo credits: Norbert Michalke
The legally compliant handling of personal data would be almost impossible for us alone due to the large number of different circumstances, also because a large part of the work is done on a voluntary basis. Through the cooperation with SECJUR, we can now concentrate on the most important things.
Paul Jäde
Board, Changing Cities e.V.


The choice was SECJUR: Because along with the GDPR solution, the Digital Compliance Office, Changing Cities e.V. also benefits from the integrated expert support and the team of experienced data protection officers.

"SECJUR's data protection platform is clear and flexible. Above all, our questions are answered quickly. This allows us to keep track of current changes, for example in our data protection declarations. Especially important: we can guarantee our members and interested parties a high level of data protection" says Changing Cities board member Paul Jäde.

SECJUR's Digital Compliance Office makes it possible to keep an eye on the numerous requirements and changes in German data protection law. Whether it's updating the privacy policy for the organization's website or using databases for membership management, SECJUR enables Changing Cities to build a data protection management system that can meet the high demands of the GDPR.

Offline and online: Changing Cities e.V. makes people's lives a bit safer by operating responsibly and transparently - the cooperation with SECJUR is thus fully in line with the association's mission.