Set up an information security management system (ISMS) effectively with secjur.

We support you in setting up and operating a flexible, effective and automated ISMS.

Generate templates with just a few clicks, easily manage risks based on standardized analyses and monitor the effectiveness of your ISMS using individual KPIs.

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Let's build your ISMS in record time

Save yourself and your teams redundant workload. With the secjur platform, you automate the creation and management of the required guidelines and processes.

In this way, you can focus entirely on the implementation of security measures and your company not only builds an ISMS faster but also much more conveniently.

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Our experts support you on the way

Our claim does not end with an automated platform. Our experts will support you with questions and your successful path to your ISMS.

The secjur team supports you in all steps on the way to certification and integration

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Benefit from our monitoring and stay compliant.

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Improved security, increased trust and lower costs.

With our solution, companies can rest assured that their sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access or theft.

Show your customers and partners transparently that you have appropriate security measures in place.

An ISMS can help organizations avoid the costly consequences of data breaches, litigation and lost customers.

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Build your ISMS easily - with our platform and expertise
Audit Manager

for conducting and documentingaudits

Asset management

for the clear management of all company assets

Task manager

to have an overview of all tasks at any time

Risik management

to identify and treat risks with automatic consideration of standard costs (Return on Security Investment (ROSI)).

Policy Manager

to automatically link, version and update policies

Employee Trainings

to keep your employees up to date with latest regulatory requirements

Incident Manager

to report security incidents quickly and easily

In 4 steps to information security


Connect the platform and automate the initial onboarding of your compliance.


Our platform and audits determine the specific need for action regarding ISO 27001, TISAX, SOC 2 compliance. We accompany you on your way to certification.


Generate the necessary documents with us and integrate the policies into your company. Contact our experts via the platform at any time.

Be secjur

Go through the certification with ease. With our solution, you take information security seriously.

Let’s build your ISMS!
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